KEMUDA Institute was founded by Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Razak Bin Muhammad specializing in Human Resource Development. Kemuda Resource Agency was first officially established in 1990 specializing in Human Resource Development before evolving as KEMUDA Institute (KI) in 2004.

Dato Paduka Haji Abdul Razak Bin Haji Muhammad-Executive Chairman of Kemuda Institute

In 2004, KI started by venturing into Information Technology courses and collaborated with Cambridge. KI officially became the Accredited Partner Centre of the National Computing Center (NCC) Education, UK in 2006. Subsequently, many new courses were introduced and became the core academic courses, which recognized locally and internationally.Also in the same year, KI appointed as Centre for TOEFL Examination in Brunei Darussalam. Since then, KI has received examinees for TOEFL from China, Korea, Japan, Africa, Indonesia, Singapore, Thailand and Taiwan.KI mission is to provide a second chance programs for those who are able and capable to attend the ICT courses (Certificate, Diploma and Advanced Diploma) and Accounting (Certified Accounting Technician). Through the asuh and asah approach, KI continuously motivate and drill each student to excel both academically and personally. These courses are professionally selected by KI Board because of its relevance in the current industry and competently marketable. Through our experiences for the last few years, our students are able to get jobs easily.KI has doubled its size over the recent years and continually improving in terms of student intakes, faculties and collaborated programs. This effort is further enhanced when KI is appointed as Brunei Darussalam Technical and Vocational Education Council (BDTVEC) Approved Centre. Based on the positive growth, it is undoubtedly that KI will expand its wing throughout Brunei to provide the best quality education that is affordable to everyone. 



"thinking forward"

  • Educate and inspire young minds to venture into excellence in higher learning;
  • To make sure the students will get job;
  • To provide students the right skills to complete locally and globally;
  • To give everybody a second chance in life through education; and
  • To provide opportunities for students to further their studies abroad.



"perfecting every steps ahead"

  • To be the premier provider of quality education to both local and international students.
  • To assist in sourcing financial needs.
  • To train and educate with focus on nurturing industry-relevant skills.
  • To provide interpersonal skills development as well as self improvements.
  • To open and develop minds enhancing abilities to think critically and competitively.
  • To bring Information Communication Technology (ICT) and business awareness to both young and mature people.
  • To inform and create awareness on importance of knowledge, particularly Information Technology (IT) to the community at large.


Our Credentials

"bodies that support us"

  • Approved by the Ministry of Education (MOE), Brunei Darussalam.
  • Accredited by the Brunei Darussalam National Accreditation Council (BDNAC) or Majlis Kebangsaan Pengiktirafan Kelulusan (MKPK).
  • Collaborated with the Authority for Info-Communication Technology Industry of Brunei Darussalam (AiTi).
  • Partnership with NCC Education, UK recognized by international universities:
    • Birmingham City University
    • University of Gloucestershire
    • University of Nottingham
    • University of Portsmouth
    • University of Huddersfield
    • London Metropolitan University
    • University of Salford
    • Middlesex University
  • The only approved TOEFL test center in Brunei Darussalam.
  • Collaborated with Cosmopoint, Malaysia recognized by international universities:
    • University of South Australia
    • James Cook University
    • Swinburne University
    • Humber College
  • Collaborated with Universiti Malaysia Sabah (UMS) to accept KEMUDA Institute’s students for IT Degree program.



After Kemuda

Most of KEMUDA Institute graduates have chosen to work after course completion. Some have pursued advanced study locally and internationally. Graduates of our Diploma course shall be able to continue to Brunei Technology Institute (ITB) for the Higher National Diploma course, or graduates can continue to KEMUDA Institute Advanced Diploma level, which upon completion enable graduates to continue to Brunei Darussalam University locally, or choose from the list of international universities for Degree courses.KEMUDA Institute, under its job placement service will find and place qualified and selected high-achiever graduates for employment.KEMUDA Institute also provides continuous assistance or guidance to graduates on work selection and interview advices.